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Do you ever wonder how to improve your company’s image and sales? At Blue Sparkle Consulting, we will design a marketing and communications plan made specially for you to help you reach your objectives and your target audience, allowing you to experience an exponential growth in traditional and digital channels.

The secret to creating a great marketing plan is to make it as specific as it can be, high-lighting your Unique Selling Points (USP) and communicating the right messages, which are specific to your audience.

Our process:

  • Initial meeting with the client to understand his/her (or the business) needs and objectives
  • Stakeholders mapping in order to know and understand who is on your radar!
  • Customise messages, channels and platforms in order to connect with your clients
  • Select the appropriate media and design the marketing campaign
  • Establish media appearances and a marketing activities schedule
  • Event planning
  • Monitor media appearances