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The days where having a good salary was the only factor for an employee to stay at a job have long gone. According to Forbes¹ , 51% of the staff questioned in the 2018 Global Talent Trends study by Mercer, wish their company’s work environment focused more on flexible work options and the well-being of employees.

At Blue Sparkle Consulting, we truly believe that a happy employee is a more productive person; one who is involved with business targets - because their own personal growth is reflected in the company profits.

Our expert team will help you reach profitability within a healthy work environment, taking into consideration the needs of your employees; we will adjust the communications strategy where necessary to diminish conflicts.

Our communications strategy involves:

  • Mapping your stakeholders and their different needs and expectations
  • Creating the right messages and channels to reach different audiences
  • Negotiation with Unions
  • Selecting the appropriated communications channels to design internal communications campaigns
  • Fixing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to the Best Place to Work Survey
  • Establishing an activity schedule and monitoring the KPIs status